Car Seat Bag

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Dog Car Seat and Dog Bedding

The Fur & Whiskers car seat bag for pets is the perfect solution for pet owners who love to travel with their furry friends. Made of high-quality and durable materials, this bag offers superior protection for your car seats from scratches, dirt, and pet hair. Its adjustable straps allow for a secure and comfortable fit for your pet, and the side pockets offer convenient storage for pet accessories. The bag's semi-waterproof lining ensures easy cleaning and prevents any accidental spills from damaging your car seats. Travel in style and comfort with your beloved pet using the Fur & Whiskers car seat bag.

A comfy, stylish and secure car seat bag, made specially for dogs
- Can be used in front or rear seats - no need for installation 
- The seat can be secured to your car's seat via an adjustable trap 
- A secure restraint inside the bag can be tied to your dog's collar or harness to avoid movement in your car while travelling
- A foam-filled, removable bottom pillow is machine washable
- Bottom firmly supported by lightweight wood, which can be removed via zip when washing the bag
- Convenient to use for dogs up to 10kg

Lead Size: (Standard)

Width: 2cm

Length: 154cm

Adjusted shorter length: 88cm

Harness Measurements:


Neck circumference 25 – 35cm

Chest circumference 35 – 56cm

Ideal breed: Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell Terrier, Shih Tzu, Pug, Boston Terrier


Neck circumference 30 - 46cm

Chest circumference 46 - 71cm

Ideal breed: Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Beagle, French Bulldog, Corgi.


Neck circumference 41 – 53cm

Chest circumference 61 - 96cm

Ideal breed: Golden Retriever, Pitbull, German Shepherd, Standard Poodle, Labrador Retriever.

Dog Bag:

Height: 65cm

Width: 50cm

Depth: 30cm

Weight: 1.5kg

Polycotton exterior

Cotton filling

Wood for base support, that is removable when the bag is washed

Handles made out of vegan leather

Cushion made out of foam for extreme comfort . Fully washable.

Customer Reviews

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Annie M.

Both myself and my dog love this bag. He even gets in it in the house just to have a cozy nap. I bring this bag everywhere and get so many compliments. I love the neutral colour and everything about it. I highly recommend this if you have a small dog :)

Luna Baloona
Anyone with a small pup needs this!

My Italian Greyhound loves snuggling in this bag, is cozy in the cold days and the design makes it easy for my pup to jump in and out the bag as she pleases. I love that the cover is removable and in case of accidents I can wash it easily and have it like new in no time.

Ash W.
Love love love!

This car travel bag is the best! My chihuahua loves it and snoozes away on all our car trips. It’s such a great size and can be taken everywhere. We use it at cafes and restaurants as well as it has become a safe little space for our pup. The color, design, materials were exactly what we were looking for - absolutely recommend!!

Car Seat Bag

Just love this - can’t wait to use with my new puppy Italian greyhound - looks so lovely and snuggly. It will be so handy and lovely quality x